National Parks


Haparanda Archipelago National Park

The largest island in the Haparanda Archipelago National Park is Sandskär. The island boasts diverse nature and a fascinating history. A nature and culture trail starts from the small fishing village of Kumpula, enabling you to view and admire several sights. The island also has cottages for overnight stays as well as a camping site, sauna and chapel.

Haparanda Archipelago National Park

Sweden’s national parks

Sandskär island (in the national park)

Bothnian Bay National Park

The Bothnian Bay National Park introduces visitors to the ever-changing northern marine nature created by land uplift, in addition to opening up a window on the fishing bases and traditional landscapes shaped by the fishing industry.

The area boasts a rich avifauna and peculiar flora with several rare or endangered species. The national park is well suited for a day trip or an overnight trip by boat for experienced seafarers. The islands included in the park offer open wilderness huts and rental huts as well as campfire sites and a sauna.

Bothnian Bay national park

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