kalixThe Töre Marina marks the northernmost point on the Bothnian Bay, and the outermost island in the Kalix Archipelago is Malören, which boasts a unique chapel known as “the cathedral of the islands”.

You will find visitor’s treasures all over the archipelago, on both the mainland and the islands. On the mainland, these include, for example, Storön as well as Skagsudde, Siknäs and Frevisören. The Kohamn and Gårdsviken marinas on Bergön Island as well as the islands of Renskär and Trutskär are also popular spots, in addition to which you may want to head out to see the rocky shores of Huvön.

Lilla Malören is an old pilot station and a fascinating destination with its unique shape and history. Fishing is practiced in the area throughout the season, which ends in the autumn with the vendace fishing, culminating in the production of the Kalix Archipelago’s original vendace roe, a delicacy with a protected designation of origin under the name kalixlöjrom.


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