Bothnian Bay Marine Forum

marintforumTo activate and intensify marine cooperation in the Bothnian Arc, marine forum seminars were launched in the Boundless Bothnian Bay project, with the aim of bringing together parties responsible for and interested in the development of the Bothnian Bay. The Seminars are open to the public and they are held a few times a year.

The marine forum’s programme offers presentations on interesting and current themes connected to the development of the Bothnian Bay area. After the presentations, the dialogue continues between the audience and the presenters. The forum seminars also provide the participants with an opportunity to network and find partners from different parts of the Bothnian Arc in order to carry out joint development measures and projects. The presentation language used at the forum is chiefly English, but questions can also be posed and discussions held in Finnish or Swedish.

The parties currently involved in the marine forum are: the Bothnian Arc Association; Metsähallitus; the municipalities of Skellefteå, Piteå, Luleå, Kalix and Haparanda; Kokkola, Kalajoki and the municipalities of the Oulu Region; as well as the Iilaakso Oy company and the Sea Lapland Development Centre. After the conclusion of the project, the committed parties will take turns in arranging the forum once a year.